Water Filtration

Whole House Water Filtration System with UV

Your water twice as nice – at an unbeatable price


3 Stage filtration and
UV System

Fully assembled, 3-Stage Filtration and Sterilization System, in an attractive Weather Resistant Aluminium Case with clear Plastic Window for simple Outdoor or Indoor Installation. Just connect water from pump or town supply to filter inlet and from outlet to house pipe with standard pipe connectors.

Proven in New Zealand, (where it meets the requirements for Building Consent and New Zealand Drinking Water Standards), and now available in Ireland for all Rain Tank, Surface or Borehole Water supplies. The Water Guard® is also highly recommended for mains water supply, with 3 models allowing you to personalize your water quality choice.

WATER GUARD your family

  • Safe and unlimited drinking water
  • Save €€ on potential future water bills – use your rain water tank for your whole house
  • Pure, natural and safe

Rain Tank Water can contain bird and bat droppings, rodent faeces, insects, leaves and small dead animals. Tank water is a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of nasty bacteria and viruses. Sediments and dirt may clog up your water pipes, your washing machine, dishwasher and other appliances.

Borehole Water can contain many other unpleasant surprises, such as run-off from fertilizers, chemicals and spray residue, cow and sheep manure.

Town Supply Water usually contains chemicals such as chlorine, and sometimes fluoride (dental), which may have accumulative toxic effects on the human body.

Total Protection Provided By;

  • 5 Micron Washable Pleated Sediment Pre-Filter to remove heavy dirt
  • Activated Carbon Block Filter to remove chemicals, toxins and odours. It also improves the taste and quality of your drinking water to spring-like freshness.
  • 1 Micron Poly Propylene Filter to remove fine sediments, large bacteria and parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Ultra Violet Light Sterilizer (with Audio and Visual Alarms) to naturally sterilize your water of any other bacteria such as E.Coli.
  • 2 Liquid Filled Guages, to show the pressure differential between Inlet and Outlet water, act as Filter Change Indicators
  • 2 Shut-Off Valves for Inlet and Outlet
  • Fully Assembled on a mounting board complete with Filter Cartridges (and Filter Wrench)
  • “Made in New Zealand”, and pre-assembled in an attractive aluminium case with a clear plastic window for simple installation (case dimensions 1000mm x 500mm x 250mm)


WATERGUARD NO. 1Three Stage Water Filtration Unit.
Fully assembled unit in an attractive Aluminum Case for DIY Installation.

  • Stage 1. Filter is a washable and re-usable pleated sediment. Pre-filter rated at 5 micron to remove heavy sediment and dirt.
  • Stage 2. Filter is a 1 Micron rated Poly Propylene Filter to remove fine sediments and also Guardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Stage 3. Filter is a Carbon Block Filter at 5 Micron to remove chemicals, toxins, chloride, run-offs from sprays and fertilizers. It also removes bad odours and improves the taste and quality of your drinking water. May only be used for Borehole Water or Town Supply.

In addition to the above 3 Stage Filtration Unit, this unit has a built-in Ultra Violet Sterilizer Unit rated at 50 Ltrs/Minute. Suitable for normal sized houses up to 4 people or 250 square meters. The UV light acts as a natural sterilizer with a high intensity light to kill any other bacteria or viruses that may be present in your water supply, such as E.Coli from bird droppings or dead animals in your rain water tank.

This unit has an extra strong Ultra Violet Light of 110Watt power, sterilizing your water flow of up to 100 Ltrs./Minute. Suitable especially for large houses, B&Bs, small Farms and other large users of water.

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