Galvanised Steel Roofs

The Galvanised Steel Roofs are designed specifically for the storage tanks and are supplied complete with two access hatches and a ball valve bracket. Designed to withstand high wind and snow loadings this cover is extremely strong and is aesthetically very pleasing.


  • Manufactured using Galvanised Steel Sheets
  • Two access hatches
  • Prevents algae growth
  • Prevents wind-borne debris entering water
  • Prevents Unauthorised access- VERY SECURE
  • Suitable for drinking water

Anti Algae Cover

The Anti Algae cover is designed to cover and overlap the top edge of the tank. The woven polypropylene material offers protection preventing algae growth, while the ball valve flap offers access to the intake as well as access for sampling the water.

  • Excellent UV protection
  • Allows rain water to permeate
  • Prevents wind-borne debris entering water
  • Very strong material