Advantages of Precast Concrete Water Troughs


These troughs are finished to an exceptionally high standard and have rounded internal corners to give extra strength.


Troughs are reinforced with both steel and fibre for added strength and durability.

Cleaning and Drainage

Troughs have large drainage bungs (3’’). This facilitates fast and efficient empting and cleaning. There are no dividing walls within the troughs, which reduces capacity and can cause debris to build up. We all know how important clean water is essential for the health of stock.


Troughs can be supplied with ¾ inch full flow valves that deliver over 45 gallons per minute. @40psi. and 66 gallons per minute @70psi. Over 100 gallons per min can be achieved on request.

Stability & Placement

Concrete troughs are very stable even when empty. Concrete troughs don’t go out of shape over time. Larger troughs also come with lifting points for easier installation.