Our Mole Ploughs

Vibrating Mole-Ploughs are one of the most cost efficient and economic methods of laying pipes and cables, even over short distances.

The plough vibrates vertically loosening soil, cutting a clear narrow trench through it. The pads on either side of the blade compact and re-instate any displaced soil on the surface eliminating the need for back-filling or disposal of soil.

The machine can work off-set on either side allowing it to plough along margins and verges while the wheels remain on the road surface/driveway minimising damage.

The Mole-Plough’s unique delivery system allows for the simultaneous installation of pipes from 12mm to 125mm and all types of cables with the required hazard-warning tapes.

This system is perfect for:

  • Pre-ducted power or telecoms cables
  • Water piping and irrigation systems
  • Cabling for water features, electric gates, out-door lighting etc.
  • Geothermal heating systems.
  • Direct burial of cables – S.W.A., telecoms, fibre-optics etc.
  • Gas pipelines

Click here to view footage on youtube of a Terra Services Mole-Plough in action.

How a Mole-Plough Works