Here is a map outlining our clients around Ireland.



Bobby Ryan, Dairy FarmerClonoulty, Co. Tipperary


Bobby established a green field dairy unit in 2008/2009 at Clonoulty Co. Tipperary.
The existing farm had a very poor water system and Bobby realised that upgrading his system
was a key area to be addressed on the new dairy site.Bobby contacted Terra Services and together they designed a new water system taking
account of paddock location and sizes, elevation differences on the site and possible future expansion.
In May 2009 Terra Services installed 1600m of 40mm pipe making a loop on one side of the farm and
450m of 50mm pipe in a single line to the lower part of the farm.

Terra Services also provided nine 300 gallon concrete troughs with Apex Xtraflo bottom entry valves included.
The troughs were located underneath the wire between paddocks thus reducing the outlay on troughs by half.
The system was installed and commissioned in 3 days with the trough fill time of around 10-11
minutes (over 30 gallons a minute)


Bobby “Water was a huge issue for me when setting up the new dairy unit. Terra Services came on board and solved the entire issue. The speed and tidiness of the operation really surprised me. If the rest of the project was as hassle free as the water installation my life would have been a lot less stressful for the last year”


John Canty, Dairy FarmerBandon, Co. Cork


“The water system we had in place was struggling to cope with our increase in herd numbers”.


John contacted Terra Services who designed a new water system taking into account the 2 wells on the farm and the elevation differences. The system also incorporated a loop design, which allows a greater flow of water to drinking troughs as the water comes from both directions to each trough.


Approximately 2000m of 40mm pipe was installed in early Feb 2009 with all pipe and risers installed in 2 days.


“Overall we are delighted with the new system. Ploughing was completed in early spring and despite the wet weather the fields showed no visible evidence of the pipe installation after only a couple of weeks”.


” The most important part however is the flow of water reaching the troughs and in this regard I am delighted with all results and worries of water availability to cows are a thing of the past”