Our Service

1. Analyse your existing water system, looking at supply options e.g well, mains, stream, spring
2. Evaluate water usage includes
– Current/future stocking numbers
– Plate cooler demand
– Trough sizes etc
3. Design a system that will fulfill all current and future requirements
4. Consultation and provision of full quote
5. Installation of piping and connections to existing and/or new water troughs
6. Test the system to ensure all aspects are working correctly

We use MDPE piping which is sourced and produced in Ireland.
This is the pipe of choice for the gas and water industries.
MDPE pipe is much less susceptible to scuffs, breaks, kinks etc as compared to hydrodare pipe. We use pipe roll
lengths of up to 3000 meters thus minimising both joints underground and disruption in fields.

A vibratory mole plough is used to install the piping giving a quick, clean installation with minimal disturbance. A depth of 24″ is achieved on all piping installed. This ensures the pipe is beneath any future field cultivation’s.

Electro-fusion pipe welding is used to join all our pipes. this is a process where the fittings and pipe are melted together. Thus giving a guaranteed seal on every joint. With nothing to ware away or degrade over time. We also have concrete drinking troughs available with full-flow trough valves. These come in 150, 300 and 500 gallon tanks. Depending on location and herd size. We can also utilise all sources on water on the farm, from springs to rivers as well as Rainwater Collection on Farms. We can adapt onto the farmers existing water system if required.
Our ploughs are also ideal for the installation of dirty water piping around the farm

Troughs are finished to an extremely high standard and have rounded internal corners to give extra strength.
Troughs are reinforced with both steel and fibre for added strength and durability.
Cleaning and Drainage
Troughs have large drainage bungs (3’’). This facilitates fast and efficient empting and cleaning. There are no dividing walls within the troughs which reduces capacity and can cause debris to build up. Clean water is essential for the health of stock.
Troughs can be supplied with ¾ inch full flow valves that deliver over 45 gallons per min. @40psi. and 66 gallons per min @70psi. Over 100 gallons per min can be achieved on request.
Stability & Placement
Concrete troughs are very stable even when empty. Concrete troughs don’t go out of shape over time. Larger troughs come with lifting points for easier installation.

Above is an ideal design of a water layout for a dairy parlour.

Pipe sizes, storage capacity and pump specifications are dependent of the size of the dairy herd, parlour, water source etc.

Water Design